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E-Tech Place   

A place where the best practices of security & productivity with a data center, find the way to carry on a smart workplace.

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Cloud Productivity
(Microsoft 365) 

Is the world's productivity cloud designed to help you achieve more across work and life with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. 

How does it do it?  

With the combination of Microsoft 365 with Windows and Cloud Security; it offers different tools that facilitate workflows. 

• Chat, make calls and schedule meetings. 

• Edit compatible documents in real time. 

• Find all Office applications. 

• Send email and sync your calendar with other team members. 

• Get support from experts. 

• Protect your company from cyber-attacks. 

• Manage the users and devices they have. 

• Analyze user behavior and identify the areas for improvement in processes. 

From wherever you are and wherever you go, on Microsoft 365 you will find everything you need to work. 

Microsoft Defender is a set of applications that protects and defends computers from threats that can affect the security of the company.

What is it for? 
  • Avoid or stop attacks. 

  • Auto-heal mailboxes. 

  • Detect threats. 

  • Investigate attacks that reach the organization. 

  • Coordinate defensive responses. 

Types of protection provided by Microsoft 365 Defender  
  • Microsoft Defender 365: protects collaboration tools, URL links and email to ensure their security and proper functioning.  

  • Microsoft Defender for Identity: it uses the Active Directory tokens to identify threats. This enables technicians to monitor users and their behavior, protect credentials, investigate suspicious activity, and obtain detailed incident information. 

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoints: this platform is an excellent tool for endpoint protection, vulnerability management and threat defense.  

  • Microsoft Cloud App Security: it is a SaaS solution for cloud applications. 

Protect your data implementing the best practices of cloud security with E-level.  

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Cloud Security   

Cloud Data Center  

A Cloud Data Center is currently the biggest player in corporate digital transformation. It is made up of a hosting space located in the cloud in a distributed way and it is a huge facilitator of virtualization. 

  • Ease of growth and adaptation in storage and processing capacity. 

  • Lower initial investment and payment for the use of necessary resources. 

  • Greater security and guarantee of information backup. 

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